Contact Lens Centre Gurgaon

AEDI has a state -of -the art contact lens clinic which can cater to all contact lens needs of the patients. We have the services of trained senior optometrists who specialize in contact lens fitting and low vision aids.

We provide all types of contact lenses from the basic spherical and toric soft contact lenses to rigid gas permeable contact lenses, hybrid lenses and prosthetic contact lenses.

These contact lenses can be used to treat a variety of diseases where spectacles do not give adequate vision, like Keratoconus, post corneal trauma scar, post keratoplasty (corneal transplant), irregular corneas post RK, PRK, LASIK etc, corneal scars, dry eyes, etc.

The Various Types of Contact Lenses Available at AEDI are –

  • Soft contact lenses (spherical and toric) – to correct regular refractive errors
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP) – to correct high refractive errors, irregular corneas, corneal scars
  • Rose K lenses – they are specialized RGP lenses, which can be used to treat keratoconus and post corneal transplant eyes. These lenses are custom designed to each individual eye to fit the irregular cornea perfectly, thus improving the comfort and vision of the patient.
  • Mini sclerals/ Scleral Rose K –
  • Multifocal (near+distance) – these lenses can correct vision for both distance and near and are useful for patients above 40 years of age who need to be spectacle free.
  • Prosthetic lenses –
  • Cosmetic contact lenses – these lenses are available in various colours and refractive errors. These lenses can be used to enhance or change the colour of the eyes.
  • Extended wear contact lenses –

We offer low vision devices to help provide better vision and quality of life in patients with low vision in whom no other treatment is possible (eg., diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, retinal dystrophies, amblyopia, etc). The various categories of low vision devices available with us are –

  • Hand held telescope
  • Spectacle mounted telescope
  • Magnifiers
  • Hand held illuminated magnifier
  • Dome bar magnifier
  • Bioptic telescope
  • Low vision kit
  • Pocket folding magnifier
  • Non optical devices
  • Spectacle magnifier
  • Stand magnifier
  • CCTV

Dos and don’ts for use of contact lenses –

  • Do not sleep or take bath or swim with the contact lenses in the eye
  • Clean hands with soap and water before inserting and removing contact lenses.
  • Remove the contact lenses every night and clean with the special contact solution and store in appropriate containers
  • Clean contact lens with the solution before using them.
  • Do not use the contact lens beyond the duration specified for each lens.
  • If you notice any abnormal symptoms like redness, pain, watering, decreased vision – stop using contact lens and immediately consult your eye specialist.